GreenBay100: September 7, 1980 - Marcol's kick-six for Packers vs. Bears in moment of addiction

It was a moment of sheer perfection for Green Bay Packers fans and almost all Green Bay Packers players, perhaps except for one. The one who made the incredibly improbable play himself.

When bespectacled veteran kicker Chester Marcol did the unthinkable on September 7, 1980 in the Packers' season opener against the archrival Chicago Bears - catch his own blocked field goal attempt by Hall of Famer Alan Page and run it in for the game-winning touchdown - he was high on cocaine.

That drug nearly cost him his life, he admitted in his book "Alive and Kicking."

"The kick, and what happened in those few chaotic seconds afterward, comprised the last good moment I had in a Packers uniform," he wrote.

"You might say my life started going downhill the moment the play was over; that is not far from the truth."

His life had been a happy rise in the 1970's as arguably the top kicker in the NFC, booting the Packers to a division title in 1972 and ending numerous contests with game-winning kicks throughout the decade.

But he had gone down a personal downward spiral at the time of the season opener, one with an addiction to alcohol. He said in the book that he had snorted cocaine at halftime of the game.

Two hours or so minutes later, Marcol's dash with the blocked kick led him to 56,000-plus deliriously happy fans, and Marcol in tears. It was arguably the last happy moment of his Packers existence.

"During the 1980 season, until I was cut by Coach Starr, I used cocaine before every game. To this day, I’m convinced the coaches and management never knew about my coke use. When I discovered cocaine, it was the beginning of the end. Between alcohol, the prescription drugs I was abusing, and coke –especially coke – I was hardly ever sober anymore. In short order, I became an absolute mess," he wrote.

"I bottomed out many times over the next quarter-century before I finally got sober. I haven’t licked drugs and alcohol, and never will. I am an addict and I get through life one day at a time thanks to God’s grace, my twelve-step program and the support of friends and family who love me and care about me."

Note: On a much less serious note, Marcol scored right in front of now-WTMJ "Wisconsin's Morning News" host Gene Mueller, leading to a recent Jimmy Fallon skit where he impersonated the then-Packers reporter.

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