GreenBay100: September 26, 1999 - Fourth-down Favre slays Vikings

Two weeks after leading the Packers to a home win over the Raiders in the final 11 seconds, Brett Favre and company did it again against the Vikings.

In other words, Brett Favre. in the language of the kids today, "did what he did."

He did it in one of the classic games in the Packers-Vikings series, a contest with six lead changes and two ties.

But it was also a game where Favre failed to get his team in the end zone during the first 59 minutes and 48 seconds of the game.

Antuan Edwards grabbed a pick-six with 7:37 left in the second quarter, but Ryan Longwell was the only other point producer over that lengthy time span of the game.

With 1:56 left, Randall Cunningham nailed Randy Moss for a 10-yard scoring pass with 1:56 left that gave the Vikings the lead.

Enter Brett Favre, who led a comeback drive just like he did the previous home game against the Raiders.

Favre went 6 for 7 on a 77-yard drive:
- 1:51 left: 22 yards to Corey Bradford
- 1:18 left: 10 yards to Dorsey Levens
- 1:07 left: 13 yards to Levens
- :54 left: 6 yards to Bill Schroeder
- :43 left: 3 yards to Levens
- :12 left: The clincher on fourth down with no time out to prepare, sending all four wide receivers on "go" patterns to the end zone and finding Bradford for the 23-yard game clincher.

Packers 23, Vikings 20, Favre's legend further cemented.

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