GreenBay100: September 14, 1919 - The Packers' first game

Little Hagemeister Park on Green Bay's east side hosted the first-ever Packers game on September 14, 1919.

Let's just say the first of eight home stadiums in the history of the NFL's most storied franchise was not palatial.

The field had no stands. There was no admission charge. Instead, as the story goes, fans "passed the hat" like you'd pass a basket for a collection during church, raising money to pay the players.

Curly Lambeau's band of ex-college and high school players sponsored by Curly's employer, the Indian Packing Company, took on the Menomonee North End Athletic Club. Lambeau played team captain, coach and halfback.

It was no contest. Green Bay dominated 53-0.

In a world where there was no National Football League, the game did not strike up huge press. The Milwaukee newspapers had nothing on the game in its sports pages.

Now, the site of Hagemeister Park is part of the Green Bay East High School building.

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