GreenBay100: September 13, 2009 - The day Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers came of age

After one year at the controls, quarterback Aaron Rodgers had often been maligned for not leading the Packers to the kind of comebacks his predecessor Brett Favre had made commonplace.

It was an unfair criticism in many ways, considering that in his first full year in 2008, Rodgers led a 4th quarter drive that either tied the game or gave Green Bay the lead six times, only to have the Packers' defense blow it.

Under the Sunday night lights against the Chicago Bears to start the 2009 campaign, that all changed.

It didn't start too auspiciously for Rodgers, as after an early second quarter field goal, Danieal Manning put Rodgers on his back for a safety with 5:52 left until halftime.

Tramon Williams came to the rescue, intercepting Jay Cutler and taking the ball 67 yards to set up a Ryan Grant touchdown to expand the Packers' lead to 10-2.

Chicago came back, however, producing three of the next four scores to give Chicago a 15-13 lead with 2:35 left.

Never fear. Clutch Rodgers was here.

A completion and a pair of runs put Rodgers smack dab on the 50 yard line for a third and one with 1:11 left. On that play, Rodgers rocketed a 50-yard touchdown pass to Greg Jennings to give Green Bay a 21-15 win and the true launch point for Rodgers' greatness.

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