GreenBay100: September 12, 1999 - Favre overcomes injured thumb and double-digit deficit to Raiders

10 points down, with only nine fully functional fingers and only four of them on his throwing hand, Brett Favre was...well...Brett Favre.

On a cloudy, humid untundralike day at Lambeau Field, Favre delivered one of those patented comebacks which not only defined his 16-year tenure with the Green Bay Packers, but one which started a perhaps unmatched string of consecutive comebacks on one football field in the history of pro football.

The Packers were down 24-14 to the Oakland Raiders with about half of the fourth quarter left to play. Favre had his functional index-to-pinky fingers on his right throwing hand, but also had - as Dale Hofmann of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel put it - "the part that was swaddled in tape and hanging uselessly."

Yet somehow, Favre - without the benefit of any painkillers due to the addiction which previously led him into rehab - completed six consecutive passes including an eight-yarder to Corey Bradford. That drove Green Bay to a 24-21 deficit with 7:20 left.

The teams exchanged punts and the Packers got the ball with 1:51 left and 82 yards to travel with no time outs.

Favre wouldn't need them.

Completing six of seven passes (not including "spikes" to stop the clock, Favre drove Green Bay to the game-winning score, a one-yard touchdown pass to Jeff Thomason with :11 to go in the game.

The Packers won, 28-24, but Favre didn't exactly celebrate. He quickly left the postgame news conference with "sorry, fellas" due to the tears he was crying after the game. 

But despite the bum thumb, Favre led even more insane comeback magic on Lambeau Field's hallowed ground.
- Sept. 26: Packers 23, Vikings 20 with a Favre-to-Bradford 23-yard touchdown pass with 12 seconds left
- Oct. 10: Packers 26, Buccaneers 23 with a Favre-to-Antonio Freeman 21-yard touchdown pass with 65 seconds left

Not bad for a guy with four functioning fingers on his throwing hand.

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