GreenBay100: September 12, 1982 - Packers' 23-point comeback win against the Rams

You know what they say about letting sleeping dogs lie. Or in this case, sleeping Packers offenses.

Milwaukee County Stadium was the site of the Green Bay Packers-Los Angeles Rams season opener that became a tail of two halves, one in which the Packers decided to not just finally show up after allowing a four-score lead, but pull off a comeback for the ages.

Green Bay gave up five scores - three Mike Lansford field goals, a Wendell Tyler touchdown run and a scoring throw from Bert Jones to Mike Barber - to create a 23-0 deficit entering the halftime locker room.

"At halftime, we decided that we weren't going to go down without a fight," said Packers receiver John Jefferson to the Milwaukee Journal.

"We went out there with a mission in our minds."

Incredibly, mission accomplished.

Exiting that locker room, the Packers then scored five times of their own in the second half:
- 23-7 L.A.: A Lynn Dickey-to-Paul Coffman four-yard touchdown pass
- 23-14 L.A.: An Eddie Lee Ivery three-yard touchdown run
- 23-21 L.A.: A Dickey-to-James Lofton 15-yard touchdown pass
- 28-23 G.B.: A Dickey-to-Coffman 10-yard touchdown pass
- 35-23 G.B.: An Ivery 27-yard touchdown run

"That's the greatest comeback that I have ever witnessed," said Coach Bart Starr.

That goes for every other Packers observer. It still is tied for the most points overcome to win a game in franchise history.

Green Bay used this win to launch a run to the playoffs, their only playoff berth between the Dan Devine and Mike Holmgren years.

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