GreenBay100: Sept. 22, 1935 - Don Hutson's first play launches his legend

It began with an 83-yard bang.

Rookie Green Bay Packers wide receiver Don Hutson took his first play as a pro and began arguably the greatest receiving career in NFL history.

The Packers had accomplished signed Hutson thanks to a technicality, because the postmark of his signing document was earlier than that of the Brooklyn Dodgers who had also made a claim on the University of Alabama receiver.

13,000 fans were already inside City Stadium on Green Bay's east side when before the first play of that day's Packers-Bears game when they witnessed the play to start a new era for both the Packers, and football in general.

Quarterback Arnie Herber dropped back near his own goal line and sent a missile downfield to Hutson, who had burned every Bear on the defense. Hutson took the ball into the end zone, leading fans to, as the Milwaukee Journal put it, scream "like Comanches, (throw) programs and hats into the air and apparently (forget) that 59 minutes and 30 seconds of the ball game remained."

No one scored for the rest of those 59 minutes and 30 seconds as the Packers beat the George Halas-coached archrivals.

Hutson's score would be the first of 99 for a wide receiver who some believe still ranks above Jerry Rice as the greatest to ever play the game, and the receiver who helped revolutionize football into the aerial circus it is today.

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