GreenBay100: November 6, 2000 - Packers WR Antonio Freeman's 'Improbable Bobble' beats Vikings

"He did what?!" - Al Michaels

"Wayne, it was meant to be!" - Larry McCarren

Exclamation points and quizzical punctuation marks came from all around the rain-soaked tundra of Lambeau Field in the final hour of November 6, 2000 as Antonio Freeman pulled off one of the most miraculous walk-off touchdowns in NFL history to beat the Minnesota Vikings, 26-20 in overtime.

But the events that surrounded that score were also incredibly strange.

With the game tied at 20 in the final play of regulation, the Vikings were about to kick a game-winning field goal. The kick never happened.

The sequence of events that did happen remain among the craziest in Packers history.

An errant snap during the field goal play led to holder Mitch Berger attempting a touchdown pass to win the game, a pass which Packers cornerback Tyrone Williams picked off in the end zone to force overtime.

The coin toss came. The Vikings asked for tails. Vikings linebacker Dwayne Rudd thought it came up as tails, but not so. It came up heads.

"Maybe it's meant to be," Larry uttered on WTMJ.

It was.

The Packers got the football, and never let the Vikings get it back after a catch for the ages.

During a third-down and four play at the Minnesota 43 yard line on the first drive of overtime, Brett Favre pop-flied a long pass to Freeman. 

It went through Vikings cornerback Chris Dishman's hands and hit Freeman shoulder when he was lying on the ground. 

But the ball never touched the ground, and Dishman never touched Freeman. 

Freeman caught the ball, got up and sprinted to the end zone, punctuating an incredible 26-20 Packers win.

Hold your horses, the officials said. They had to review it to confirm that the unbelievable could be believed as reality.

After a few minutes, officials confirmed the touchdown. And yes, victory was meant to be.

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