GreenBay100: November 5, 1989 - 'After further review,' Packers 'Majik' beat Bears

The following is part of a series by contributor Kelly Hodgson, entitled "Remembering Lindy Infante and the Cardiac Pack."

I did manage to catch the famous Instant Replay Game on November 5. After all, they were playing the Bears, and I jumped at the chance to actually see them on television. I was hip-deep in Bears fan territory, but that didn’t stop me from being the only person on campus elated that the call fell the Packers’ way.

Instant replay, it was such a new and untested concept at that point. Infante challenged the ruling on the field. He was convinced Don Majkowski hadn’t crossed the line of scrimmage as he sent a pass sailing into the waiting hands of Sterling Sharpe waiting in the end zone.

I can still see Majkowski holding his hands aloft in victory signaling a touchdown after the referee announced, “After further review, we have a reversal …touchdown!”

That year the Packers went 10-6, the best record since 1972 and something they wouldn’t see again until 1995. The victories were often punctuated with last minute come from behind wins that took your breath away.

(Just like the Instant Replay Game did.)

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