GreenBay100: January 15, 2011 - Aaron Rodgers' best game? Packers blow out Falcons during Super run

Some still call it Aaron Rodgers' best day as a Packer.

On a chilly Saturday night outside the Georgiadome but a beautiful night inside, the Packers would enter the 2010 NFC Divisional Playoff in Atlanta against the NFC's top playoff seed that year, the Falcons.

Green Bay had won four straight contests just to get this round of the playoffs, a round where this consistent contender had won only once since 1997. It was thought to be questionable among many experts - and a nervous fan base - that the Packers would have enough to overcome the team with the NFC's best record.

Rodgers told every one of those questioners to chill. He had this.

After his first and third pass attempts went incomplete, and his second pass was caught but fumbled by Greg Jennings, Rodgers perhaps even told himself, his teammates and the football word to (as he would put it years later) R-E-L-A-X.

The next 47 minutes of football would produce arguably the most brilliant quarterbacking performance that Rodgers, or any other quarterback, would ever create in a playoff game.

His footwork was on point. His passes were pinpoint. His timing was exact. And he exacted his will on the Falcons with nearly every delivery of the football.

To say he completed 31 of his 36 passes would be too simplistic. He delivered 31 works of art. Those brushtrokes covered 366 yards. Three of them went for touchdowns, and he ran for another on a day where it seemed like he was playing on another planet.

Those four scores and a 70 yards pick-six by Tramon Williams powered a 48-21 triumph for the surprising Packers, their fourth straight do-or-die victory in an unlikely playoff run.

Two postseason wins later, the Packers won their 13th NFL title in Super Bowl XLV. Who was an otherwordly-level MVP that day?

You guessed it.