GreenBay100: August 11, 1919 - Founding of the Packers

Sometimes, the greatest of all stories begin in the most unlikely place. Such is the story of the Green Bay Packers' beginning. 

The most storied franchise in NFL history started with a meeting in a newspaper building.

Green Bay Press-Gazette editor George Calhoun helped organize the meeting with Curly Lambeau, a Green Bay East high school star and University of Notre Dame dropout who was working with the Indian Meat Packing company.

There was no Twitter or Facebook to get the word out. Just newspaper advertisements and word of mouth.

38 players showed up. 20 of them would form the nucleus of the first Packers team. Lambeau was the coach, captain, halfback and kicker. Calhoun became the business manager and publicist.

The Packers played an 11-game schedule, with eight games at Hagemeister Park (now part of the building Green Bay East High School is located). Green Bay went 10-1, scoring 565 points and giving up a little more than one percent of that total - six, in their only loss - 6-0 to the Beloit Fairies.

A historical marker now stands where the building of this historic meeting was located. That building is now a downtown bank.

But if you use your imagination, you can picture the dingy newspaper room where the most storied pro football franchise in America was born.

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