Wayne Larrivee's Week 2 Regular Season NFL Power Poll: Packers rise after win over Seahawks


Full poll: Click here for Wayne's complete Power Poll rankings for Week 2.

In the spectrum of NFL football, we observers do one thing better than anything else: We overreact, especially to week one results!

Such is the case this week where opening Sunday leads to overreaction Monday and then we still have, in most cases, six days or more until redemption Sunday.

Somewhere in there we should go to church and pray for some semblance of sanity, patience, understanding and peace!

But think about it, we spend the entire off-season pining for help from free agency and the draft. We get excited when our front offices bring in players we have heard of through the free agent process, and even more excited about players we’ve never heard of through the draft.

We study the preseason preview magazines all summer like Street and Smith’s, Lindy’s, Athlon Sports and Pro Football Weekly. They craft an expectation among us, sometimes too high, sometimes too low.

Then we jump into OTA's, minicamp, training camp and preseason games!

Then there is opening week.

We pour a season’s worth of expectation and promise — some of you put a few bucks on the line too—in one game, four quarters at the outset of a four month, 16 game campaign that only gets you to the post season if you’re lucky enough to make it.

We all understand there is nothing to glean from the preseason process of training camp and exhibition games.

So when we see our teams for the first time in a real game? What are we left to do?


All of that having been said, here are my week two NFL power rankings.

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