WATCH: Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers appears in new Izod commercial

It's not everyday that the greatest quarterback (by passer rating) in the history of pro football points to you during a pickup football game and says "coming to you."

And you're then dumbfounded and anxious with your mouth wide open..."to me?"

That's what a guy wearing Izod clothing said to Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers in a huddle of a pickup football game huddle scripted as part of an Izod commercial just released Wednesday.

After Rodgers delivers the ball, the guy leaps prone to the ground, does a full twist and catches the touchdown pass.

Then Rodgers shows up at the guy's ping pong party as a DJ.

Nice dream sequence, dude.

Watch above in our video player.

(Note: WTMJ receives no monetary benefit for posting this. We only put it up because it's funny.)

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