View from the other side of Packers-Bears: 'This was a disgrace today!' with calls to fire Coach Fox

After the Green Bay Packers' 23-16 win over the Chicago Bears, the feeling among Packers Nation was one of relief, that perhaps there is still postseason hope with Brett Hundley at quarterback until Aaron Rodgers can come back.

The view from Chicago's perspective? Apocalyptically angry is perhaps an understatement.

"This was a disgrace today!" said a near-volcanic (and understandably so) Ed O'Bradovich on WGN Radio after the Packers' victory. The lovable guy nicknamed "O'B" made the Packers' lives miserable as a Bears defensive lineman for 10 years on the field, and has been a long-time postgame pundit of Bears football.

"Two weeks to get ready for this team and their quarterback, a 5th round pick...and he comes in here and undresses us in his third start? You've got to be kidding me!" he added about Brett Hundley, who earned his first win while playing with a hamstring injury.

"A fifth round pick out of UCLA that couldn't hit a bull from 10 yards with a scattergun!"

A fellow former lineman with Chicago, Hall of Famer Dan Hampton, added a line from a former President before World War II.

"This is a day that will live in infamy," said Hampton, who railed against and demanded the firing of Bears coach John Fox.

"We play scared-to-death football where we let the Packers dictate to us how the game is going to be played...(Mike McCarthy is) a better coach. He's got a better staff. His teams are prepared."

As Hampton put it, Fox is "is a bumbling fool that needs to be sent packing tonight."

Click here to listen to the full verbal explosion from two Chicago legends and their cohorts, courtesy WGN.

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