VIDEO: McCarthy on how Packers can't sleep on Cincinnati Bengals

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As the heavily-injured Green Bay Packers proceed toward their contest against the Cincinnati Bengals Sunday, Coach Mike McCarthy realizes that in the NFL, even a team that hasn't scored a touchdown in their first two games can still be a threat to a contender.

"It's week three. Statistics don't really apply to the level where you would be in week five or six. We're not jumping up and down with statistical analysis to really determine what we think of these guys," said Mike McCarthy on WTMJ's "Wisconsin's Morning News."

"This football team has been in the playoffs (five of the past six years). They're talented, a lot of veterans so they have a lot of experience, and a lot of really good players."

The Packers don't have a lot of experience with this edition of the Cincinnati Bengals, or any edition of that franchise. They haven't played in four years.

"These are matchups that our players haven't had; most of our guys never played against these guys. We're just trying to spend extra time in film study and make sure we know our opponent."

McCarthy says that knowing that opponent isn't easy in week three, since teams tend to unveil new plays, new concepts and other things opponents haven't seen on film.

"The first four weeks in the NFL season, you average about 30 percent of plays in the game that are unscouted looks. That component still applies to this week," said McCarthy.

"The combination of it being early season and a new coordinator, those are things that we've got to work through, rely on our instincts and awareness. At the end of the day, by the time we get to Friday and Saturday, we'll be focused on ourselves."

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Listen below to the full interview as well.

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