Reports: Favre entered rehab three times, says he wants grandchildren to play golf, not football

A published story and podcast say that a legendary quarterback of the Green Bay Packers is not only admitting to even more trips to addiction rehabilitation than most people previously knew, but he wants his grandchildren to avoid playing the sports he played and loved, the one that is causing him post-career medical issues.

Peter King's final column on's Monday Morning Quarterback says that Brett Favre, who rewrote the NFL record book in his 16 years with the Green Bay Packers, has admitted to three rehabilitation stays for his addiction to painkillers and alcohol.

“I actually went to rehab three times. I saw the most successful, smart people—doctors, professional people—lose it all, ruin their lives," he said in the article.

"When I got out, I was able to control myself for a while. I wouldn’t take anything for a day or two, and I wouldn’t drink. But I was a binge drinker."

That led to a stay at a rehabilitation center in Kansas.

"I remember vividly fighting them in there. They said drinking was the gateway drug for me, and they were right, absolutely right, but I wouldn’t admit it...I fought with this nurse all the time. I would not admit the drinking problem. At the end she said to me, ‘You’ll be back,' " said Favre.

“I was back. 1998. Guess who was waiting there when I walked in—that same nurse. This time it was strictly for drinking. I didn’t go back to the pills. I admitted my problem, I was in there 28 days, and it worked."

Meanwhile, the CBS Pick Six podcast says that Favre has said he wants his grandchildren to avoid football and play the sport of golf instead.

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