VIDEO: Packers 24, Rams 10; Now harsh days of cutdowns begin

Review our live Second Screen digital coverage below. Check out the Packers roster which will be whittled down to 53 on Saturday. Also see a gallery from tonight's game.



4th Quarter

Green Bay 24, Los Angeles 10
Orlovsky-Mundt 18 yard TD pass
6:42 left in quarter

Green Bay 24, Los Angeles 3
Hill-to-Peck 25 yard TD pass
12:23 left in quarter

3rd Quarter

Green Bay 17, Los Angeles 3
Crosby 28 yd FG
3:42 left in quarter


2nd Quarter

Green Bay 14, Los Angeles 3
Hundley-Jones TD pass
:30 left in half

Green Bay 7, Los Angeles 3
Zuerlein 27 yd FG
12:30 left in quarter

1st Quarter

Green Bay 7, Los Angeles 0
Hundley 13 yd TD run
3:08 left 1st quarter

Pregame updates



Today may bring the most important football game of many of the Green Bay Packers' lives.

Often, the last preseason game of 2017 is viewed as something to not pay attention to if you want to get a clue how good your team will be.

Instead, pay attention to the stories of the men who are fighting for their football dream.

Of the 90-or-so men currently on the Packers roster, only 53 of them will be Green Bay Packers by Saturday night.

That means more than 30 of them will discover in the next 48 hours or so that they will have lost their dram of playing for the Packers.

For some of them, it means a dream deferred. For some of them, their football dream dies.

This means a night of intense football desperation, and possibly some incredible efforts. It may not be Aaron Rodgers and the other starters playing a ton of time, but it's football players who are giving their all for their ultimate dream to continue.

That's as compelling of a reason as any to pay attention to tonight's game.

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