VIDEO - Packers Second Screen: Packers 23, Giants 16


4th Quarter

Green Bay 23, New York 16
Manning-Beckham TD pass
2:54 left in game

Green Bay 23, New York 9
Crosby 25 yd FG
6:43 left in game

Green Bay 20, New York 9
Crosby 33 yd FG
13:45 left in game

3rd Quarter:

Green Bay 17, NY Giants 9
Brown 30 yd FG
5:26 left in quarter

Halftime - Facebook Live

2nd Quarter

Green Bay 17, New York 6
Crosby 44 yd FG

Green Bay 14, New York 6
Brown 41 yd FG
1:51 left in quarter

Green Bay 14, New York 3
Rodgers-Adams 29 yd TD pass
6:01 left in quarter

Green Bay 7, New York 3
Brown 47 yd FG
8:21 left in quarter

1st Quarter

Green Bay 7, New York 0
Rodgers-Nelson 2 yd TD pass
6:18 left in quarter

Pregame blog

Pregame story

The Green Bay Packers are healthier, much healthier after 13 critically important days off. Now, they face at least 13 consecutive weeks of games, possibly up to 16 straight weeks of games if they make the NFC Championship Game.

But first things first: The New York Giants come to town.

This is an opponent that has made Green Bay's life miserable in the last five years.

Since Green Bay's win in New York in December 2011, the Packers have lost three straight times to New York. Green Bay lost its chance to start a dynasty in January 2012 when the Giants vanquished them in the NFC Divisional round.

But as Voice of the Packers Wayne Larrivee says, the Giants are a very different team from four years ago. They are a team dependent on their quick-rhythm passing game.

The Packers themselves have been trying to regain that same offensive rhythm for nearly a full season. For a half, they did it against the Detroit Lions.

Do it again - against a Giants secondary they should match up well against - and they go to 3-1.

Stay tuned. Be ready for footballs to light up the Lambeau Field night sky.

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