Seahawks 27, Packers 24; Green Bay now in serious jeopardy of missing playoffs

WTMJ Second Screen


Postgame - Packers OT

4th quarter

Seattle 27, Green Bay 24
Russell-Dixon 16 yd TD pass
5:08 left in quarter

Green Bay 24, Seattle 20
Crosby 36 yd FG
8:26 left in quarter

Watch Aaron Rodgers' deep bomb to Davante Adams.

Green Bay 21, Seattle 20
Janikowski 43 yd FG
12:21 left in quarter

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3rd quarter - no scoring

Halftime - Second Screen Facebook Live

2nd quarter

Green Bay 21, Seattle 17
Rodgers-Jones 24 yd TD pass
:44 left in quarter

Seattle 17, Green Bay 14
Carson 1 yd TD run
3:22 left in quarter

Green Bay 14, Seattle 10
Wilson-Baldwin 6 yd TD pass
8:03 left in quarter

1st quarter

Green Bay 14, Seattle 3
Rodgers-Tonyan 54 yd TD pass
3:10 left in quarter

Green Bay 7, Seattle 3
Janikowski 39 yd FG
5:59 left in quarter

Green Bay 7, Seattle 0
Aaron Jones 8 yd TD run
13:46 left in quarter

Watch the fumble forced by Clay Matthews, recovered by Tramon Williams, that set up the score.



Tonight is a Packers Gamenight and a search for Green Bay's first road win since last December, and they're doing it on short rest in a stadium they've rarely won - at Seattle.

Green Bay hasn't technically won a game in Seattle since 2008, though the eye test says they won the Fail Mary game in 2012. And, of course we remember - though most of you probably want to forget - the 2014 NFC Championship Game. (Please don't send us the therapy bill.)

As for today, both the 4-4-1 Packers and 4-5 Seahawks desperately need a win to keep playoff hopes alive. The Packers can maybe afford one more loss and stay in the division title race, but realistically they don't want to test that theory, so a win in Seattle is vital.

Numerous Packers like Randall Cobb and Kevin King aren't even making the trip to Seattle due to injuries. Seven players were on the official injury list for tonight's game.

The good news for the Packers: Seattle's potential defensive weakness plays right into the Packers' current strength of running the ball. The Chargers and Rams gained a combined 309 yards on the ground in Seattle's last two games. 

With Green Bay gaining 195 yards on the ground against Miami and at least 98 yards each of the last seven contests, this could offer a tremendous opportunity for a ground game on the rise.

Paging Aaron Jones, anyone?

And if anyone is perfectly set to handle the incredible distraction the "12th man" of Seattle brings, it's No. 12, Aaron Rodgers and his veteran poise.

Stay tuned. This will be fun. And important.