Packers 31, Dolphins 12

WTMJ Second Screen

4th Quarter

Green Bay 31, Miami 12
Crosby 38 yd FG
8:53 left in quarter

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3rd Quarter

Green Bay 28, Miami 12
Rodgers-Adams 26 yard TD pass
7:25 left in quarter

Green Bay 21, Miami 12
Jones 10 yard TD run
9:33 left in quarter

Green Bay 14, Miami 12
Sanders 40 yd FG
11:43 left in quarter2nd Quarter

Green Bay 14, Miami 6
Sanders 25 yard FG
10:29 left in quarter

Green Bay 14, Miami 3
Aaron Jones 2 yd TD run
14:53 left in quarter

Watch the 67-yard run that set up the touchdown

1st Quarter

Green Bay 7, Miami 3
Sanders 37 yard FG
1:20 left in quarter

Green Bay 7, Miami 0
Rodgers-Adams 7 yard TD pass
6:07 left in quarter



Today is pretty unusual territory for the Packers - what coach Mike McCarthy calls a must-win gameday in November with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback.

The 3-4-1 Packers face the Miami Dolphins.

Green Bay is a game and a half behind both the Bears and Vikings, so the Packers have to win to stay a game and a half behind the division leader.

Rodgers himself has to overcome recent struggles probably caused by a lack of mobility with his injured knee.

Since the season opener when he hurt his knee against the Bears, his passer rating has been 95.7 - about average for NFL starting quarterbacks, nearly eight points below his career average. In that stretch, the Packers have only won two of seven games.

If he doesn't get the ship right himself, the Packers - with so many other issues that may not have solutions to them in the short term - may be doomed to no football in January.

Today is as good a day as any to right the ship. Stay tuned.