VIDEO: Who's next for Packers - The Cowboys in the NFC Divisional Playoff

The Green Bay Packers have faced every challenge that has come their way in the last seven weeks, and passed - often with flying colors.

(See their NFC Wild Card win over a New York Giants team that, coming in, was much better than they were in their first meeting.)

This meeting, however, will be perhaps their toughest test of 2016 so far, the top-seeded Dallas Cowboys in Arlington, Texas.

This is the best running team and best run-stopping team in pro football. Their versatile attack will challenge the Green Bay defense like perhaps no team has.

But then there's that Aaron Rodgers guy. He's good. Like 19 touchdown passes compared to zero interceptions good.

Like five straight games with 30-plus points good.

Which will win out? Doug Russell and Jay Sorgi discuss in your video player above.

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