VIDEO: The voice of Lambeau Field, Bill Jartz

WTMJ Today

You know WTMJ's Wayne Larrivee and Larry McCarren as the Voices of the Green Bay Packers, and rightfully so.

But the Packers have another voice, the one that reverberates across the most historic ground in professional football and arguably all of professional sports, Lambeau Field.

"Every kid dreams of doing this." said Bill Jartz, a news anchor at WBAY-TV in Green Bay, the public address announcer for Packers games and other Lambeau events.

"I realize how lucky I am to do this."

It's his voice that you hear introducing "the 13-time Wooorrrrllld Champion...Greeeeeen...Bayyyyy.....Packerrrrrrs!" before every kickoff, and the voice that riles up the crowd on third down when the Packers are on defense.

"My job is to bring the crowd to a frenzy, a fever pitch," he explains.

"Where I come into play most noticably is big downs, where they need the defense to stop the opponent."

Listen above to his full conversation, and to a couple examples of what he calls a "Jartzy" - a big-moment stadium announcement - on WTMJ Today in your Soundcloud player.

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