How social media has changed the way we watch Packers games

Wisconsin's Morning News

You used to watch a Packers game with a beer in one hand and a sandwich in the other. Now, chances are they’re both dedicated to a device that can feed your in-game social media addiction.

Boelter and Lincoln's social media marketing manager Katie Klein joined Wisconsin’s Morning News to talk about how Facebook, Twitter and other places we congregate on the web are changing the way we watch football.

“The fan experience has completely evolved,” says Klein. “Some of us have two screens, some of us even have three or four screens going at a time.”

Klein says if you don’t have the ability to actually be at Lambeau, social media is a nice runner-up.

“Not only are you watching, but you’re enjoying the fan reactions and the sidelines reports in another way that someone at Lambeau may not be able to experience.”

But don’t think those at the game aren’t using their phones as well.

“The game on Sunday actually set new records for mobile data consumption,” added Klein. “That’s a lot of selfies, Hail Mary viewpoints, a lot of different pieces of the fan experience that we have never had access to before.”  

For much more from Klein, click in the Soundcloud player below.

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