Packers' Murphy: NFL anthem policy change is about standing up to scrutiny from players union

The new NFL policy on players protesting during the national anthem is bringing numerous responses from multiple sides, including one from the president and CEO of the Green Bay Packers.

Mark Murphy, the only voter on the policy who is not an NFL owner, explained to's Tom Pelissero that the move involves making sure the new policy would be "put together with the thouguht it would stand up to scrutiny" from the National Football League Players' Association under the current Collective Bargaining Agreement, which defines aspects of player conduct among other things.

However, Murphy also expressed an understanding that the protests during the anthem - ones which will no longer be allowed if a player is on the field during the anthem - were not about protesting the flag, the anthem or any statement against patriotism.

The new policy fined teams if players on the field do not stand for the anthem, but allows teams to set policies on if players can stay in the locker room instead during the anthem.

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