Greg Matzek's Blog: Notes from Mike McCarthy's Wednesday Packers presser

After three straight weeks on the road, the Green Bay Packers return home for back-to-back games beginning Sunday against the first place Houston Texans. Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy addressed the media Wednesday morning. Below are some top-line notes. 

  • NO PRACTICE TODAY. Was part of the plan at the beginning of the season. Players slept in today. All in-house walk-through stuff today. Still an installation day, but will not be practicing on the field. 
  • This week will be a mental challenge given the Texans are an uncommon opponent. Classroom will be critical this week. 
  • Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews are in treatment today. Trainers expect both to play Sunday. 
  • Will have lots of communication this week with Aaron and QB Coach to see what Aaron is comfortable with. Will see how he progresses this week. 
  • On Houston: Did personnel breakdown earlier in the season. Staff worked on schematics prior to the Eagles game. 
  • Aaron Ripkowski having a nice season. Really strong on special teams. Progressing as a fullback. Has earned his opportunities. Strong inside runner. Natural instincts. Productive. 
  • Brock Osweiler can make all the throws. Good athlete. Can play in and out of pocket. 
  • Houston changes things up week after week...makes it tough to plan for. Good football team on film. 
  • Always important to run the football, but play of players affect direction of game plan. 
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