No Packers games in London this year

Once again, the Green Bay Packers are bypassed on the list of teams playing games in London this upcoming season.

Below is the list of games the NFL will play across the pond this year.

The Packers themselves have said they are very interested in being a "road team" playing a contest in London, but they do not want to give up a home game and the revenue of a contest at Lambeau.

Most "home teams" who would host a game in London have expressed they would prefer not to give up a home game in their own stadium against the Packers, and lose out on the increase in ticket revenue because of the throngs of Green Bay fans who take to the road to watch their favorite team.

A Packers international trip may not happen unless the NFL decides to institute a 17th game for every team, played on an international neutral site, something Packers president Mark Murphy has suggested in the past.

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