McCarthy: Packers need 'to turn it up; it's about fundamentals'

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Fast answers may be needed for the plethora of issues the Green Bay Packers face.

That's because the archrival Chicago Bears come to town Thursday night at Lambeau Field.

Packers Coach Mike McCarthy has been among those intensely scrutinized following Green Bay's 30-16 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

"We need to turn it up. It's about fundamentals," McCarthy told WTMJ Packers analyst Larry McCarren Monday.

"The level of emphasis is obviously there. The production hasn't been so far. We'll stay after it. This is no time to look for change. It's like anything in life. It's not like we don't know how to do the technique. We excel at it. We have excelled at it."

McCarthy also admitted his team did not come in with a confident attitude about the game.

"When you're tackling well and you're breaking tackles, confidence is the force that runs that motor. No different than taking care of the football and taking it away," he said.
He explained that this is a critical moment in the season, with the Packers 3-2 and with numerous issues to fix - with the Chicago Bears coming on Thursday.
"What you do, what you take away from this we absorb the information, the experience of what we did yesterday on our home a big part of us growing as a football team," he explained.
"It's fast and furious. You have to turn it over. When you lose a game on this type of week, you spend too much time of yesterday's game. Let's get on these Bears."


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