McCarthy on Matthews call, Rodgers non-call in Packers' loss to Washington

While offering measured answers, the coach of the Green Bay Packers went into two instances of a defensive player putting full body weight on the quarterback during a hit - both which went against the Packers.

"It's obvious," said Coach Mike McCarthy on Monday about an incredibly heated reaction to two officials' calls during the Packers' 31-17 loss to WashingtonClay Matthews again received a controversial roughing-the-passer flag during the second half, but Washington didn't after a very similar hit against Aaron Rodgers who has been nursing an injured left knee.

McCarthy was visibly angry after the Matthews call and ran toward an official with a vocal argument due to, as he put it, "when you see anytime, regardless of the call, when the other team gets a call and your team doesn't get the same call."

But he gave officials a bit of understanding, and the fact they - like everyone else on the field - are not perfect.

"That's the reality of the game. Coaches are going to miss some decisions. Officials are going to miss some calls, too."

McCarthy is aware of the NFL Competition Committee considering the roughing-the-passer rule, as team president Mark Murphy is on that committee. A Miami Dolphins player is out for the rest of 2018 after an injury which happened because he was contorting his body to avoid putting his body weight on the quarterback during a hit - which would garner the 15-yard penalty.

Watch McCarthy's full press conference below.

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