How to pronounce name of new Packers GM Brian Gutekunst

There have been a long list of questions about the new Green Bay Packers general manager in recent hours and days since his hiring.

One of those questions: "How the heck do you say Brian Gutekunst's last name?"

A product of one of Wisconsin's most famous industries and a former Packers linebacker can help you.

For the "Gute" part, think gouda cheese, and make sure you say the hard "g" instead of how some people pronounce it, as if the "g" has an "h" sound.

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Next, add the last name of 1990's-era Packers linebacker George Koonce...but with a twist.

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It may have a little bit more of a "uh" vs. a "oo" sound.

Finally, add an "st" to the final syllable with "Koonce."

In total: "GOO-da-kunst."

Let our state's pronunciation nightmare end, and we can go on with our Packers lives.

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