PREDICTION: The Packers regular season schedule

This is a guess...this is only a guess.

What you are about to read is my caffeinated prediction of the Packers 2017-2018 regular season schedule. The REAL schedule will not be revealed until later this month.

This is only a guess.  

This is the fifth year I've tried to predict what the Packers schedule will look like. My high-water mark for correct guesses in a season was 2014 when I correctly predicted three games and the bye week. In other words, trying to figure out the NFL's rhyme or reason for scheduling is an exercise in futility. For example, I would not have predicted the Packers to play back-to-back Thursday games in 2015. No way.

With the understanding that the information below is for entertainment purposes only, here's my stab at the Packers 2017-2018 regular season schedule. 

WK 1 - Sunday, September 10:    vs NEW ORLEANS - Welcome back John Kuhn!

WK 2 - Sunday, September 17:    vs BALTIMORE - Back to back home games to start the season.

WK 3 - Sunday, September 24:   @ Carolina - First road test will be outside the division.

WK 4 - Sunday, October 1:           @ Minnesota - First division game will also be a road test. 


WK 5 - Sunday, October 8:            vs SEATTLE - The Packers 1st Sunday night game of the season

WK 6 - Sunday, October 15:          @ Detroit

WK 7 - Sunday, October 22:          vs CHICAGO

WK 8 - Sunday, October 29:          vs CINCINNATI - Why not play a team with the colors of Halloween?


WK 9 - BYE WEEK - The Vikings are set to play in London in week 7 or 8. As such, they will have a BYE in week 8 or 9. I'm guessing the Vikings will play in London week 8, and have off week 9. I'm also guessing the Packers will share the same bye week as their division rival. 


WK 10 - Sunday, November 12:   @ Atlanta - The Packers 2nd Sunday night game of the season.

WK 11 - Sunday, November 19:   vs TAMPA BAY - A home game before Thursday night road game. 

WK 12 - Thurs, November 23:      @ Dallas - Happy Thanksgiving!

WK 13 - Monday, December 4:    @ Pittsburgh - The Packers lone Monday night game. 


WK 14 - Sunday, December 10:   vs DETROIT - Cold weather...

WK 15 - Sunday, December 17:   @ Cleveland -

WK 16 - Sunday, December 24:   vs MINNESOTA - Prime target to be flexed. 

WK 17 - Sunday, December 31:  @ Chicago - Last time the Packers closed with the Bears was 2013-2014 season. 














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