Getaway winner witnesses Motown Miracle

Karla Iseler was our Gameday Getaway winner for the Detroit Lions re-match - she also happened to be one of the most excited winners we've ever had. 

The game she got to see lived up to her expectations and then some. Here's what she said:

A HUGE thank you to WTMJ Radio 620 and West Bend "The Silver Lining" for sending my friend and me to Detroit for my 1st ever NFL game and getting to witness the Miracle in Motown.  We brought back a win!!!

The last play of the game was so thrilling to witness live.  I was already on my feet with my hands folded - saying a prayer and then I saw the referees indicate a touchdown with their arms pointing straight to heaven!   I went into convolutions of joy and knocked my cheesehead into the Lions fan on my left. All the Lions fans around us left the stadium stunned and we headed down to where the CBS crew was interviewing Richard Rodgers.  We celebrated with 200 other Packer fans chanting "Richard Rodgers" and we were just out of range from the selfie he took. 

As we left towards our hotel, we stopped to see James Jones and Mike Daniels come out to the crowd and we waved as the team buses passed us by.  I finally made it to sleep at 3am, I was too excited to sleep!  What an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Thank you SO much!!!

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