Danica Patrick celebrates 36th birthday with Aaron Rodgers, unicorns and giant cake

It’s something you would probably not expect an adult in their 30’s to say on their birthday: “I love getting older!!!!!!!!!!!”

But when you have your significant other, a unicorn hat, and giant cake to celebrate – you might feel differently.

Racing star Danica Patrick celebrated her 36th birthday in style Monday – judging by a post she made on Instagram.

Patrick was seen with her boyfriend, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and about a dozen other people celebrating.

In the post, Patrick wrote: 
“I love getting older!!!!!!!!!!! Super grateful for all the love around me in my life! People, work, opportunities, dreams.....full heart space! 🙌🏼 Don’t forget to dream big for the things you want in your life! ❤️” 

Patrick and Rodgers have been in public several times since the holiday season. In January, Patrick told the Associated Press that she and Rodgers were dating. 

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