VIDEO: 20th anniversary of 'Jump Around' at Badgers football games

Every 4th quarter at Camp Randall Stadium, it's a mass exercise session as tens of thousands work their leg muscles to a House of Pain song. UW's "Jump Around" tradition turns 20 years old today.

"I would love to tell you that it was the result of years of intense market research to find the specific song to play at the specific time, but it's one of those things that took off on its own," Kevin Kluender, Assistant Athletic Director of Marketing and Promotions for the University of Wisconsin, told me back in 2009.

At the time - a Purdue-Wisconsin game night where now-NFL passing yardage record holder Drew Brees was playing for the enemy - Kluender had his scoreboard and game operations team simply play a song before the start of the 4th quarter after a pong-like scoreboard game.

"We were trying to fill the time and entertain the crowd before the start of the 4th quarter," he explained.

"It was a close game going into the 4th quarter. Purdue had the ball. They were changing ends and now heading into the students section...(I was) kind of scanning the computer and what song could be played to energize the crowd and get them going."

The initial trumpet blast came over the loudspeakers, before the thumping beat started running its course...and getting the students section jumping.

"I went back to my notes. I look up and people are pointing out to the window," he said.

"I turned around, and of course, all the students were jumping as they do. It was very neat. It reminded me of popcorn popping the first time I saw it."

It now registers on the Richter scale at the nearby UW Geology department, sways the press box and causes arguably the largest happy ruckus of the fall in Wisconsin.

Happy birthday, "Jump Around."

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