Stearns exploring options as roster deadline approaches

As the Brewers prepare to face-off against the Dodgers in the NLCS, General Manager David Stearns has some roster decisions to make.

The team must submit their final roster for the NLCS by 10 a.m. on Friday, which can be tweaked from the roster they went with in the NLDS. 

Stearns tells WTMJ, he's still exploring the options and considering several different factors.

"The first is that it's potentially a seven game series," Stearns says. "The main difference there between what we were facing in the division series is that we're going to have to play three games in a row. In the division series, we had two games, off day, two games, off day, then potentially a game five. Here, we may have to play three games in a row on the road in LA. So that alters the strategy a little bit in terms of potentially how many pitchers you want to carry and how we structure our pitching strategy." 

Stearns says you must also consider your opponent. 

"The second thing is looking at how the Dodgers line up. Looking at some of their strengths, they are a quality left-handed hitting lineup. So we need to make sure that to the best we can, we can control that group. Whether that means slightly different pitchers or an additional left-handed pitcher or structuring our pitching a little bit differently, those are things that we're still discussing."

For the full interview with Stearns on Wisconsin's Morning News as part of Brewers 360, click in the player below. 

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