Milwaukee native Kato Kaelin passionate about his hometown Brewers

Listen to Barry Nelson's full interview below.


Kato Kaelin became a household name during the trial of the century as OJ Simpson's house guest in the mid-90s.  Today, living in Los Angeles, the Milwaukee native travels the country doing shows for Wizard World.  The travel, however, doesn't keep him from staying up to date with his hometown Brewers.

"It's 2018, it's called an app," Kaelin jokes. "A lot of the time I am on the road so I have my phone so I am aware of all of the statistics, who's doing what. I could be a coach"

There is no doubting his passion for the Crew.  Live tweeting during games, Kaelin is quick to praise the team, but also isn't afraid to show his contempt. 

"I get so involved in the game and if I see a play I don't like or a mental mistake, I say that's pure vomit."

Kaelin is confident though.

"I think we will win the World Series. That's how good we are playing right now."

If the Brewers do make it to the World Series, Kato hopes to make it home for a game.

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