Brewers 360: Is the Brewers rebuild officially over?

Wisconsin's Morning News


With a 2-1 win over the Cardinals Wednesday,  the Brewers have clinched a spot in the playoffs. 

"We thought we had a postseason caliber team last year and unfortunately we came up a game short of the postseason," General Manager David Stearns tells WTMJ.

"We went into the off-season, and wanted to do what we could to compliment that group, to build off of the season we had last year. We were fortunate we were able to land two premium-type players in Christian Yelich and Lorenzo Cain. Obviously, those guys have done their part in helping lead this team."

So would Stearns say the rebuild is over?

"I never labeled it one way or the other to begin with. We were really just looking to acquire, develop, retain the best talent we possibly could and keep that talent and make smart decision after smart decision. We thought that if we did that, we'd end up in a good place. We never put time frames on it. And I'm glad that that's the approach we took, because I think it made sure that we didn't put any limits on what we were able to do. And we were able to get the organization in a good spot going forward."

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