WTMJ Exclusive: New details on Sterling Brown arrest as Bucks player plans to sue Milwaukee Police

Steve Scaffidi Show/Wisconsin's Afternoon News


As a lawsuit from Milwaukee Bucks player Sterling Brown against Milwaukee Police appears impending, new details are coming on the nature of his arrest back in January, during which officers used a stun gun on him.

WTMJ's Steve Scaffidi revealed exclusive information on his show Tuesday, describing from a source how police constantly and repeatedly asked for Brown to identify himself, frustrating Brown as they confronted him in a Walgreens parking lot on the corner of South 26th Street and West National Avenue at 2 a.m. on January 26.

Steve also confirms details given to the Journal Sentinel that Brown was not combative and did not fight with officers before they arrested him that morning after he double-parked in handicapped spots at the Walgreens parking lot. He was cited for that parking violation.

A source tells WTMJ's John Mercure there is a large amount of body cam footage with a lot of different angles. Mercure reports, citing a source, that the video may be released Wednesday.

Brown's attorney tells TODAY'S TMJ4 and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel the video will be released tomorrow. Mayor Tom Barrett tells WTMJ and other reporters the video is expected to be released sometime before the end of May.

"I'm going to let the video speak for itself," said Barrett to WTMJ's Tony Bettack.

"It was a disturbing video when I saw it. The police chief feels the same way."

Police decided not to start the process for prosecutors to pursue the case in court.

According to Steve, officials within the City of Milwaukee have been preparing the community for the release of the video and what it shows. Elected officials and members of Bucks staff have seen the video, but high-ranking law enforcement members tell WTMJ's John Mercure they have not seen the video.

WTMJ has reached out to Sterling Brown's attorney, the Milwaukee Police Chief, MPD, the Milwaukee Police Association and numerous elected city officials.

Mercure will have more from Mayor Barrett and information on the process of getting police video and reports in cases such as these during Wisconsin's Afternoon News at 3:20 p.m. John will also talk to Attorney Jon Safran, who is currently suing Milwaukee Police for a client in another case, at 4:21. Click here to listen live to WTMJ.

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