Peter Feigin on state of the Bucks after huge win over Cavaliers

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It was the biggest win for the Milwaukee Bucks in nearly a year, and it proved what the Bucks have the potential to do.

Tuesday night, the Bucks didn't just beat the defending world champion Cleveland Cavaliers. They dominated. The 118-101 win wasn't even as reflective of the level of superiority Milwaukee displayed over a team thought to be the class of the Eastern Conference.

"Winning is fun. People get excited," said Bucks president Peter Feigin of the aftereffect of the victory on 620 WTMJ's "Wisconsin's Afternoon News."

"There is no denying what the possibility and prospect (is) of how good this team is getting."

He knows that more W's in the win column will help every aspect of his team's organization.

"There is nothing that replaces winning. There is a lot of equity in playing hard, a lot of equity in being competitive, but the truth is, people want winners," said Feigin.

"It comes from our owners down through the whole organization. We're building a team to win and have that energy level every game, and progress to eventually be at the place where we're one of the elite teams and win a championship. We don't stray from that. That is the goal."

In the meantime, Feigin shared more about the team's plans to build a brewhouse as part of the ancillary development surrounding the new Bucks arena.

"If you're going to build some retail, commercial and residential and not have beer involved, in the state of Wisconsin, you're probably a little backwards. I can tell you, yes, there is certainly a plan to have food and beverage, and have beer and food involved in it," said Feigin.

"We're in such an embryonic stage and have no one committed to that, that in the vision and concept in our submittal to the city, that's how we envision it. It might take a bit different of a vision as we get to more concrete plans, but there is no doubt about it, when you build beer gardens, food and beverage, you are certainly going to include beer in the city of Milwaukee."

Feigin also divulged a new timeline for a decision on what Wisconsin city will house the Bucks' new NBA D-League franchise. They are deciding between Oshkosh, Racine and Sheboygan.

"We thought we'd probably have a decision two weeks ago before Thanksgiving. We're aiming to get this done hopefully in the next two to three weeks, certainly before the end of the year," he said.

"With all the options, they're all winners. We're pretty excited about where it comes out finally. It will certainly be in a community that loves sports, loves basketball and can populate an arena for 2,500 to 3,500 people."

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