Bucks' new coach Mike Budenholzer open to discussing keeping Joe Prunty with staff

Wisconsin's Afternoon News


The new head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks says that he has a willingness to discuss potentially keeping the man who shepherded the team through the second half of the 2017-18 season around.

Mike Budenholzer tells WTMJ's Greg Matzek on Wisconsin's Afternoon News that he has a long relationship with Joe Prunty, and he's opening the door to talking with him about staying around after Budenholzer got the permanent coaching job, and Prunty didn't.

"Joe and I worked together for several years (as assistants with the San Antonio Spurs). I'm open to adding to the staff, building the best staff I can," said Budenholzer on Tuesday's show.

"Visiting with Joe is something that's important, but it's important to build with the guys I've been with...Joe will have lots of opportunities."

Budenholzer has said he aims on looking at continuity from his staff with the Atlanta Hawks, with whom he raised their win total by 22 games in the 2014-15 season.

One of those coaches includes former Bucks forward Darvin Ham, a fan favorite.

"One of my drivers was more concerned about whether Darvin was coming," said Budenholzer.

"The whole city is waiting for Darvin to come back. Darvin raved about Milwaukee, what a great city it is, the fans, how much we're all going to love it. It really helped in the process."

Right now, Budenholzer's process involves learning much more about Milwaukee, choosing a neighborhood to live in and more.

Including becoming equipped to deal with Wisconsin winters.

"You get a lot of texts when you get a job like this...a decent percentage of those texts say you'd better buy a winter coat."

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