Win or lose, Brewers still draw

The Milwaukee Brewers kick-off the regular season with a 7-game homestand against the Colorado Rockies and World champion Chicago Cubs. Expect attendance figures to be robust as the team embarks on a 2017 season where the 25-man roster features 9 players who are, for the first time, breaking camp with a big league team. 

Prior to the opening of Miller Park in 2001, only once did the Brewers draw over 2-million fans to the ballpark. The year was 1983, and the Brewers were coming off the franchise's only appearance in the World Series.

Since 2001, only twice have the Brewers drawn less than 2-million fans, with the high-water mark being 3,071,373 in 2011. Even the past two sub-500 seasons have averaged a 2.4-million fan yield.

Brewers fans are loyal, and the players appreciate it.  

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