Don't let the Johnsonville logo fool you: The essence of the Brewers' racing sausages remains

The first public spotting of the re-encased Johnsonville Racing Sausages happened Sunday at Brewers On Deck.

But unless you really studied it, the sausages themselves didn't seem any different.

Certainly, the logo on the Bratwurst, Polish and their compatriots looks different than when Milwaukee-based Klement's sponsored the sausages for a quarter-century.

Klement's certainly has expressed reasons for their feelings about the way their long-term relationship with the Brewers ended. It has brought a point of contention among many Brewers fans.

But if you hung around the sausages as we did Sunday, you wouldn't have noticed any difference.

The sausages continued to run and hop around the Wisconsin Center among thousands of Brewers fans, with glee and joy following them in the wake of the new Johnsonville logo symbolizing the Sheboygan Falls-based foodmaker..

They still attracted kids high-fiving and hugging them.

You could put almost any corporate logo on these tall embodiments of encased meats, and they still would be symbols of Brewers goodwill.

They proved it at Brewers On Deck. Which means the fan base will still enjoy the tasty races every home game at Miler Park - perhaps with a bit of corporate controversy in its wake, but that will be lost when those sausages sprint around home plate 81 times this year.

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