Despite venomous spider bite, Bob Uecker to start 46th year broadcasting Brewers games on WTMJ

The words of Journal Sentinel beat writer Tom Haudricourt to describe WTMJ's Hall of Fame Milwaukee Brewers voice Bob Uecker is "one tough, old buzzard."

Not even a venomous spider can stop him from calling Brewers games on our airwaves.

Haudricourt reports that a brown recluse spider - a venomous house spider - bit him back in October.

“I had a pair of shorts on,” Uecker told Haudricourt.

“I got bit by a spider but I didn’t know it. I didn’t feel it bite me. The next day, I had a red mark on my leg, and it kept getting bigger. I kept trying to take care of it by myself but it kept getting worse.”

It meant a hospital trip and surgery, a bacterial infection from the round and weeks of medication and recovery that stopped him from swimming for weeks...presumably in the Speedo suit he's joked about during his WTMJ broadcasts.

But it's not stopping him from continuing his Hall of Fame career that has spanned most of five decades on WTMJ.

Though it's ironic we talked about spiders in our tribute to Bob last year.

Editor's note: We regret having called the bite "poisonous" instead of "venomous" in our descriptions of this story. As Iowa State University's Department of Entomology describes, spiders are "venomous," with the distinction being that venomous describes an injection into the body through a bite or sting.

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