Attanasio and Stearns on Brewers' moves with Cain and Yelich, and what may be to come

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In a few scant hours, the Milwaukee Brewers turned from one of those "teams to look for in the future" into an instant National League contender. All that, from the trade for Christian Yelich and the free agent signing of Lorenzo Cain.

"What serendipity that the two (events) came together literally within under two hours of each other," admitted a happy Mark Attanasio, the Brewers owner, on WTMJ live broadcast at Brewers On Deck at the Wisconsin Center Sunday.

"If you added two extremely well-rounded players - one of them has a World Series ring - to this collection of players with 86 wins, that it's going to somewhat supercharge what we're doing."

Attanasio approved the moves, but it was up to his general manager, David Stearns, to get them done Thursday, and they included not only $160 million of Attanasio's money, but four prospects - including the highly-regarded Lewis Brinson - in the trade with Miami to get Yelich.

"It's the price of poker when you're looking at acquiring a truly elite player who's in the prime of his career and can be with you for a long time. We have Christian for five years," Stearns added on WTMJ.

"Lewis is a very good prospect. We believe he's going to be a very good major leaguer....but it's a rare opportunity where you have the ability to acquire somebody like this, with the talent base and skill set of Christian Yelich."

These moves also mean a major logjam of talent in the outfield.

"We have more major league-ready outfielders than we have spots on our major league roster right now," said Stearns, believing they can keep all of them in the system if they so choose.

"All our major league-ready outfielders who are performing are going to get a real chance to impact our major league team."

That is, unless Milwaukee wants to pull the trigger on a trade again.

"Realistically, we can, and we may," Stearns explained, also believing the free agency market may provide more opportunity with potential prices of free agents (particularly pitchers) coming down as the season comes closer.

"It's a question of how the dominoes are going to fall and when they're going to fall."

Stay tuned.

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