WTMJ Conversations: Frank Caliendo

WTMJ Conversations

Frank Caliendo has made himself into a successful comedian but he wants to now move into the world of acting.

He is also a father of two young kids and discusses the possibility of them following in his footsteps into the entertainment industry.

The internet as played a major role in the entertainment industry, but Frank thinks it has changed the comedy field for the worse.

Waukesha is Frank's hometown and he highlights the differences of how people view him or approach him now that he is well-known.

Still a Packer fan, he has gotten to know other players from around the NFL and admits it is sometime hard to root against those players.

He also gives advice to any aspiring comedians looking to follow in his footsteps.

As a comedian, Frank mentions he doesn't like getting too political but he did give some thoughts on the current state of politics.

Listen to Frank Caliendo's conversation with WTMJ's Gene Mueller in your Soundcloud player above.

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