Gene's Blog: JFK 101 - "Where were you?"

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It was an oft-asked question when people my age gathered and the topic turned to childhood.

"Where were you when Kennedy was shot?"

Ask anyone born after 1957 or so and you'll likely get a blank stare as the passage of time turns November 22, 1963 into a day that's something for the history books and Google searches, not personal recollection.

The story moves front and center Thursday with the anticipated release of thousands of Kennedy assassination documents by the National Archives. They'll see the light of day thanks to a 1992 congressional edict mandating that the papers go public within the next 25 years, the deadline being Thursday. President Trump is the only person who can block that (for national security reasons) and, as of Saturday, he said he'd let them loose.

If the murder is something you know only from what you were taught in school, this article contains some basics--call it Assassination 101. Researcher John McAdams compiled more sites including David Von Pein's incredible collection of as-it-happened assassination audio and video (if you were around when this stuff aired in the moment, you'll be blown away now).

The releases may amount to a big nothing-burger. Maybe there are some newsworthy morsels buried among the documents. Most experts don't anticipate any earth-shattering, history-rewriting revelations.  Most agree it's going to take a while to wade through all of that ancient literature and unearth any nuggets, if they exist. To students of the story like me, it's Christmas in October. To many around when it happened, it may just be another rehash of a terrible day in the nation's history, one that doesn't need to be dwelled upon further.

And, to anyone under 60, it may just be ancient history, something that only old people can relate to as they ask each other, "Where were you..."

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