Lights, camera, action! Milwaukee woman's movie hitting the big screen

Wisconsin's Morning News

Lights, camera, action! A Milwaukee woman's dream is becoming reality. 
Kimberley Zulkowski is executive producer and writer of "Grandma's House." It's a film with a very personal storyline.
"Grandma's House is a place that you can go when life gets you down, that lifts you back up," Zulkowski tells Wisconsin's Morning News. "Grandma's House is based off a true story, my grandma, Margie Ree Harris, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin."
"We basically talk about real-life events and how to positively change those real-life events around."
"Grandma's House" will premiere this Saturday, April 2 at the Marcus South Shore Cinema in Oak Creek. That event is private, but the movie will be open to the public at AMC Theaters starting April 29.
For more information and the full conversation with Zulkowski, listen in your SoundCloud player above.
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