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Russell: Bucks arena going up at breakneck pace

I don’t know why I didn’t chronicle the construction of Miller Park better than I did, but it’s one of my regrets in life. Sure, there are Miller Park construction pictures out there if you look for them, but maybe it’s because we still had to buy and develop film back then, but I snapped only a very precious few photos of a place where I would spend many, many hours in the coming years.

With the Bucks new arena under construction in downtown Milwaukee, I have vowed to not make that mistake twice.

And while the superstructure of Miller Park took a lot longer (and longer even still because of the tragic accident in the summer of 1999), it seems the Bucks new arena is mushrooming out of the ground at a record clip.

It was less than one year ago that ground was broken for the Bucks new home. Today, the architectural marvel seems to grow by leaps and bounds every day for its opening next summer.

The Bucks are in the middle of a mini-building boom of sports arenas around the country. This was the first season of the new Sacramento Kings home, the Detroit Pistons and Red Wings are moving into a new arena this fall, the Golden State Warriors new home is under construction in San Francisco, and the Los Angeles Clippers are exploring a plot of land near the Rams new stadium in Inglewood, Calif.

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