Despite injuries, Packers preparing to host Bears

Wisconsin's Morning News

The Packers are hoping to redeem themselves this week as they welcome the Chicago Bears to Lambeau Field.

A division rival, the two teams meet often. Does facing an opponent the team is familiar with help?

“Definitely better than an uncommon opponent,” Coach Mike McCarthy tells Wisconsin’s Morning News, “particularly an AFC one, who you maybe only play once every four years. Helps in your game plan, particularly really for the players.”

Just yesterday, the Packers acquired running back Knile Davis from the Chiefs. What kind of crash course can a player expect just two days before a big game?
“You just try to get the players to learn the game plan,” says McCarthy. “It’s a tough deal because you really don’t get to go back and learn from the install, learn from the basis. You just have to learn to get game ready.”

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