Are online schools the future in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin's Morning News

Are online schools the future in Wisconsin?

Tanya Joosten, Director of eLearning Research and Development at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee joins Wisconsin's Morning News to discuss.

Joosten says that parents that are interested in enrolling their child in online schooling should look into the curriculums of the schools to determine if it's the best course of action for their child. 

While the number of online schools are increasing in Wisconsin, Joosten points out that online schooling may not be for everyone. 

"There are different types of learners and experiences that are going to be best for them," says Joosten. "And online schooling isn't for everyone. I think definitely certain students who are more self-directed and are more organized are better in an online schooling situation. So we need to make sure these students have a degree of online readiness before they enroll and start taking courses in a virtual school."

To hear more from Tanya Joosten about online schooling and the impact it could have on your child's learning and social skills, click the Soundcloud player above. 

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