What's the present, future of Mitchell Park Domes?

Wisconsin's Afternoon News

This is typically prime season for the Mitchell Park Domes west of downtown Milwaukee.

However, this season begins with only two of the three iconic structures being open, with the Floral Show and Tropical Domes open and the Desert Dome being closed, according to the County's web site about the Domes.

"We're looking forward to opening the last one in just a couple of weeks," said Sandy Folaron, the Domes Director, on "Wisconsin's Afternoon News."
"We are certainly a winter destination trying to get out of this cold."

What's next for the Domes' future long term?

"Everything is on the table. Everything," she said.

"A full restoration of that, a combination of that along with a new facility, or possibly recreating what the conservatory should look like."

She said she has her own idea, but a task force gathering feedback for the public's desires and understanding is what is driving the process of decision-making.

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